General FAQ's

Yes, there likely are other colors available, more than your local in-store retailer has on display today. Retailers stock adjusts daily, and you cannot be certain to see all the colors. There are also online retailers who will not stock every color. But our website has the definitive list of colors for each product. So if you find the color you like here, contact your retailer to ask them to order your favorite color.

We do not sell directly to the retail consumer. You can look for us across the USA and Canada in thousands of RV supply stores and major outdoor retailers. Check our Where to Buy page for links to some online options.

RV Step Rugs & Covers

All our step rugs have 4 springs with a couple exceptions: the Outrigger 18" and the Wraparound 18" each have two springs. The Wraparound Plus 20" has 3 springs.

RV Sewer & Sanitation

Our sewer hoses can be used with other products! Be sure to use clamps for a secure fit.

RV Indoor Rugs

Most rugs are sold as single units, unless listed as a rug package of 2, 3 or 4 units.

RV Outdoor Rugs & Mats

Yes, you can count on a flat surface. Folds should dissipate over time as the material is laid out. During boxing and shipment it's normal to experience some wrinkles.

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