Updated catalog with better photos: new website!

  • 1 min read

Do you know the feeling when your vehicle needs new tires? Maybe the braking, accelerating feels a bit off. Cornering feels sloppy. 

You can drive a while longer, and maybe you do. You're busy after all, and you've got places to go! Old tires still get you down the road, right?

But it's probably making a lot of things harder than it needs to be. And so one day there can be no more waiting and you book the appointment. And it's done! New, wonderfully grippy tires with that fresh rubber smell. You sit up a bit higher in your seat as you drive away.

Bring on the rain, you say to yourself, evoking the indomitable Joe Dee Messina.

It feels great! And you wonder, what took me so long?

That's almost how it feels for us to launch our new Prestofit.com website. We got our mileage out of the last one. Lots of mileage. 

And now we're proud, and grateful, to present to you an updated product catalog with much better photographs. We'll continue to improve upon the information you can find here. More photos are coming soon.

But for today, the jump forward that our new site represents is a big one. We welcome your feedback on what else you'd like to find on our website.  

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